Here at BIKLOPS we design a lot of websites. A. lot. of. websites. Typically web design clients reach out to us in one of two states: 1) “I have no idea what I’m doing, please help!” and 2) “I have a very buttoned-up list of requirements, a sitemap, etc. and I just want you to make it pretty.” Strangely I find that clients that fall into the first category typically have a greater chance for success. Here’s why:

When a business decides to create an advertisement their mind immediately goes to the message: what is this thing going to say? And that’s great because an advertisement is a message; it’s your brand’s chance to say a little about itself while also drumming up some new business. Because a website has buttons and forms and clicky things clients forget that a website is fundamentally an advertisement as well. It too is a key—perhaps the key—opportunity to say something about who you are and who you want to communicate to. They get lost in the nitty-gritty and end up designing and developing a site that does something but says nothing.

Define the message and the functionality will follow.

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