The case for a new economy.

Last Friday I ventured out to my first ever Creative Mornings, a nation-wide design-centric lecture series. I found myself completely inspired by the talk I heard there by Jennifer Armbrust, the former owner of Motel and the current brains behind Armbrust & Co and PORT.

Armbrust’s concept is a rather earth-shattering one: is the western economy non-sustainable, and if so, what will replace it? She proposes that business and money in America is largely defined by masculine ideas of power: a system of winners and losers with an ever-shrinking number of winners at the top and an ever-increasing base of “losers” at the bottom. What if this atrophying system was replaced by an economy of feminine ideals? A way of doing business that is more inclusive, cooperative?


My mind is still reeling from the questions presented in this talk. I hope you’ll find time to check it out! (And if you’re a cheater it gets down to brass tacks starting at 8:18)