Obsessed: Violaine & Jérémy

When I saw the  identity for The Bouffes du Nord Theatre (below) by Violaine & Jérémy and I think I had heart palpitations. That typography! Those colors! The simple artfulness of the approach! A quick tour of their website reveals that partners Violanie Orsoni and Jérémy Schneider are creating gorgeous work that blurs the borders between illustration, design and art. Now leave me alone, I’m going to drool over these for awhile.




Your Weekend JumpOff: September 11th

Guess what! It’s time to Jump-Off. Every Friday BIKLOPS shows off all the internet treasure they found/looked at/got inspired by/smelled this week.

Your Weekend Jump-off for August 7th

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for this week to END and it’s only MONDAY!
But sorry we’ll have to wait 5 more days, oh well hopefully this will help. Also, sorry for being lame and forgetting last Friday. FORGIVE US!

OBSESSED: Blobby Barack

Blobby Barack is an artist, or a videographer or…I’ll be honest I couldn’t find any real information on this enigmatic .gif maker but what I did find was a huge cache of genius work fixated on the same thing we are here at BIKLOPS: color, classical iconography, and a sense of the mysterious. Awesome stuff.


Your Weekend Jump-Off: June 26

Happy Marriage-Equality Friday Everyone! I kind of feel like what’s the point of posting some silly internet-finds on such a momentous day, but…it’s Friday. Let’s do this!

Your Weekend Jump-Off: June 19

It’s the freakin’ weekend! Here’s what kept us clicking, re-clicking, and bookmarking.

Your Weekend Jump-Off – June 12

Every Friday BIKLOPS celebrates the end of the work week by posting the best damn stuff we saw/heard that week. It’s the freakin’ weekend let’s have us some fun!

Obsessed: Matthew Craven

Really enjoying the stark simplicity of this work by Matthew Craven. It could be that he’s touching on some of our current obsessions, but it’s also just badass.


BIKLOPS Portland Oregon brand agency features Matthew Craven


Matthew Craven’s dizzying mix of ink patterns, cut-outs and ancient culture is as powerful as it is studied.

Source: It’s Nice That : Matthew Craven’s heady mix of patterns, cut-outs and ancient culture


In Progress: The American

After creating a simple one-pager for Kansas City icon The American, I’m proud to say that we’ve just entered the development stage of a new, robust site for this one of a kind KC restaurant.

Along with the site design came an opportunity to revisit The American’s branding. It’s an honor to work with one of KC’s most iconic restaurants and I can’t wait to show you all the final product when launch rolls around. In the meantime check out some of our preliminary sketches and explorations.

The American business card design by BIKLOPS
TheAmerican collateral by BIKLOPS, kansas city restaurant graphic design