Obsessed: Sex Criminals: buy it, read it.

Last night, exhausted, I opened my newly delivered copy of Sex Criminals Vol 1 thinking I’d read for a few moments before passing out. Instead I read the entire thing and found myself on Amazon this morning ordering volume 2. It’s just that. damn. good.

Sex Criminals is about a loving, caring couple named Jon and Suzie for whom time literally stops when they orgasm. I mean literally, not valley-girl literally, I mean time literally stops for everyone but them. They do what any couple with amazing time-stopping sex powers would do and decide to rob banks and give the proceeds to the local library.

Matt Fraction also wrote Marvel’s recent Hawkeye run—which transformed Hawkeye into a trying-his-best ex-frat boy who would love to enjoy his sick leave from the Avengers but is hounded by local thugs instead. I loved that run and Matt’s writing is just as smart and oddly believable here. Just buy it already!