album covers redesigned

The genius folks over at Strong Odors started the Futuralbum project this year: a vast collection of designers each re-imagining classic record covers using only the font Futura and images from Flickr’s Internet Archive Book Images.

We’ve been luck enough to have been featured twice on Futuralbum. Check out our contributions below as well as a few of my personal faves and then head over to Futuralbum to see the complete stream to-date!

Just Another Diamond Day | Vashti Bunyan
art by BIKLOPS

Stained Class | Judas Priest
art by BIKLOPS

judaspriest by BIKLOPS a kansas city brand design firm
Bob Dylan | Highway 61 Revisited
art by Chris Allen
Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Show Your Bones
art by Chloe Stein
David Bowie | Let’s Dance
art by Larua Medina

Futuralbum is a Strong Odors joint. Check ’em out and thank you to Strong Odors for including us!

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