TVs Could Look Rad if We Wanted

Spoiler Alert! You won’t sell me a new TV by making it clearer, bigger, sharper, flatter or TVer. From the comfort of my couch, my TV is plenty big (50 inches) and plenty sharp (It’s old I don’t remember). I think of my TV as an appliance that accomplishes a singular task, to turn itself into a window by which I can view any variety of entertainment. I know there are other things I could do with my TV but this is really all I use it for. What I’m getting at here is I don’t really care what my TV looks like, at least I thought I didn’t.

The Samsung Serif has got me rethinking this. Why shouldn’t our televisions be as much a personal statement as the other furniture and appliances in our lives? There are many things we buy primarily based on aesthetics and when the technology has reached the point where the differences are almost invisible aesthetics remain the lasting differentiator.

There’s also some smart marketing thinking here too. Samsung needs to sell more TVs. I’m sure I’m not alone in my apathy for my TV’s performance, but when you can convince me I need to buy a new TV every few years lest my living room look hopelessly dated, well dammit capitalism you’ve got me. I’ll be excited to see if other manufacturers follow suit and start paying attention to the too long overlooked form of their glossy black plastic rectangles. And if they don’t, Serif is a beautiful reminder that the status quo is there to be undermined.

Advertising is Easy

I came across this brilliant piece of advertising the other day and since then I’ve been unable to stop thinking about it. It’s perfect. It does everything it needs to do.

What are they selling? Cookies.

Will they be good? Take a look at that gigantic cookie and decide for yourself.

But how do I really know? It says right there, “best cookies in town.”

Hmmm, are you just saying that? Look at that kids face! He knows that cookie is perfection incarnate. Buy the damn cookie.

Taste appeal, succinct messaging, award winning visuals and a testimonial. If you have a better piece of advertising I’d love to see it.

I’m So Happy For You Open Table

I’ve never been so excited about something so walk-by-able. This redesign has been out since March, but given my previous repulsion to the Open Table brand it’s no wonder I hadn’t come across this until last week when Jeff was implementing a reservation form an the new American Restaurant website we are currently developing.