Obsessed: Violaine & Jérémy

When I saw the  identity for The Bouffes du Nord Theatre (below) by Violaine & Jérémy and I think I had heart palpitations. That typography! Those colors! The simple artfulness of the approach! A quick tour of their website reveals that partners Violanie Orsoni and Jérémy Schneider are creating gorgeous work that blurs the borders between illustration, design and art. Now leave me alone, I’m going to drool over these for awhile.




Obsessed: About Blank Motion Graphics

I don’t even know what to say about how dope this is. About Blank has some serious motion graphics skill. It looks like it would fit in nicely among the BIKLOPS world where things inexplicably start melting.

Obsessed: Love Hultén

Love Hultén is a Swedish designer, craftsman and all around badass. His imaginative video game cabinets seem to have fallen straight out of the 40s era world of tomorrow, an aesthetic that I personally adore. At €3,699 a pop, they are a little out of my price range but damned if I don’t start saving my pennies!

Obsessed: Masanobu Hiraoka

Masanobu Hiraoka is an animation director, designer and illustrator. He graduated from university in 2010 and then started work as a freelancer in Tokyo. His work is as if Takashi Murakami’s paintings were to suddenly come to life. If someone asks you to explain psychedelia just fire this video up. Amazing stuff.

Obsessed: Serial Cut

I don’t remember when exactly I first encountered Serial Cut but it was early in my career as a designer. I do have a vague memory of seeing them in an old issue of Computer Arts magazine and being blown away by how weird, wonderful, and artful the work was. I love design work that is just barely design—work that borders on fine art.

Serial Cut recently rebranded and redesigned their website. I highly recommend you check them out.


OBSESSED: Blobby Barack

Blobby Barack is an artist, or a videographer or…I’ll be honest I couldn’t find any real information on this enigmatic .gif maker but what I did find was a huge cache of genius work fixated on the same thing we are here at BIKLOPS: color, classical iconography, and a sense of the mysterious. Awesome stuff.


Obsessed: Sex Criminals: buy it, read it.

Last night, exhausted, I opened my newly delivered copy of Sex Criminals Vol 1 thinking I’d read for a few moments before passing out. Instead I read the entire thing and found myself on Amazon this morning ordering volume 2. It’s just that. damn. good.

Sex Criminals is about a loving, caring couple named Jon and Suzie for whom time literally stops when they orgasm. I mean literally, not valley-girl literally, I mean time literally stops for everyone but them. They do what any couple with amazing time-stopping sex powers would do and decide to rob banks and give the proceeds to the local library.

Matt Fraction also wrote Marvel’s recent Hawkeye run—which transformed Hawkeye into a trying-his-best ex-frat boy who would love to enjoy his sick leave from the Avengers but is hounded by local thugs instead. I loved that run and Matt’s writing is just as smart and oddly believable here. Just buy it already!


Mother by Sense

Our robot overlord is here, and she’s nice. And creepy.

Mother is a friendly, smiling robot schmoo who, armed with 5 “motion cookies,” can monitor various objects and activities around the house. Did you forget to brush your teeth? Mother will remind you. Did you forget your medication? Mother will remind you. Did you buy wire hangers? Mother said NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!

Source: Mother by Sense | StackSocial

Obsessed: Matthew Craven

Really enjoying the stark simplicity of this work by Matthew Craven. It could be that he’s touching on some of our current obsessions, but it’s also just badass.


BIKLOPS Portland Oregon brand agency features Matthew Craven


Matthew Craven’s dizzying mix of ink patterns, cut-outs and ancient culture is as powerful as it is studied.

Source: It’s Nice That : Matthew Craven’s heady mix of patterns, cut-outs and ancient culture


FUTURALBUM – album covers redesigned

The genius folks over at Strong Odors started the Futuralbum project this year: a vast collection of designers each re-imagining classic record covers using only the font Futura and images from Flickr’s Internet Archive Book Images. Check out our contributions below as well as a few of my personal faves and then head over to Futuralbum to see the complete stream to-date!