Entries by Jeffrey Immer

Obsessed: Sex Criminals: buy it, read it.

Last night, exhausted, I opened my newly delivered copy of Sex Criminals Vol 1 thinking I’d read for a few moments before passing out. Instead I read the entire thing and found myself on Amazon this morning ordering volume 2. It’s just that. damn. good.

Mother by Sense

Our robot overlord is here, and she’s nice. And creepy. Mother is a friendly, smiling robot schmoo who, armed with 5 “motion cookies,” can monitor various objects and activities around the house. Did you forget to brush your teeth? Mother will remind you. Did you forget your medication? Mother will remind you. Did you buy […]

Obsessed: Matthew Craven

Really enjoying the stark simplicity of this work by Matthew Craven. It could be that he’s touching on some of our current obsessions, but it’s also just badass.

In Progress: The American

After creating a simple but still web design gallery worthy one-pager for Kansas City restaurant The American, I’m proud to say that we’ve just entered the development stage of a new, robust site for this iconic KC dining experience.

FUTURALBUM – album covers redesigned

The genius folks over at Strong Odors started the Futuralbum project this year: a vast collection of designers each re-imagining classic record covers using only the font Futura and images from Flickr’s Internet Archive Book Images. Check out our contributions below as well as a few of my personal faves and then head over to Futuralbum to see the complete stream to-date!